About Us


Yiannakou Home Designs is a well established company since 1984, founded by Nicos Yiannakou, distinguished above others in the retails market of interior and exterior fabrics. The company owns a beautiful shop in Limassol named ”Yiannakou Home Designs” and also a factory with new facilities including a variety of sewing machines. Another beautiful shop operates in Nicosia by Yiannakou, named Studio 2, located at 28th Oktovriou Street, Egkomi. Both shops offers Interior fabrics, wallpaper, blinds, accessories and handmade creations.
For information call: +357 25350627 (Limassol) and +357 22660237 (Nicosia).

Yiannakou Home Designs: Leontiou A 226, 3020, Limassol (Old Hopsital Road).
Studio 2: 28th Oktovriou Street, number 1, shop 8, 2414 Engomi, Nicosia.

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