Feng Shui Fortune Gold Money Tree

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Gold foil+Resin+Pine wood base





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Feng Shui Fortune Gold Money Tree

Feng Shui Fortune tree Gold Foil Money Tree Bonsai Office Tabletop Lucky Wealth Ornaments Gifts Home Decoration with Gifts box

Money tree, the money is round, with holes in the middle, meaning “in front of the eyes.” The money word and the former word are homophonic, symbolizing wealth and getting rich, just in front of you.

The base of the potted plant is made of pine wood. Pine furniture is recognised by the United Nations as environmentally friendly wood. The natural color highlight the high quality of the product.

  • Product: Lucky Desktop Ornaments
  • Material: Gold foil + Resin + Pine wood base
  • Size: 15 cm x 11 cm
  • Product packaging: Gift box packaging
  • Suitable for living room, study room, office etc.
  • Dust-Proof design
  • Gold foil technology using traditional hammer gold foil methods.
  • Gold content: 99.9 %.
  • Hand-made, gold carving
  • Fortune Tree attracts wealth. It’s rich and prosperous

Fortune tree is usually regarded as a symbol of wealth, which is very suitable for office and home decorations. Perfect for gift!


Feng Shui Fortune Gold Money Tree

  • 1x of Money Tree Bonsai



Feng Shui Fortune Gold Money Tree

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